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The image shows the eruption of a radioactive black hole

The image shows the eruption of a radioactive black hole

© Ben McKinley, ICRAR / Curtin & Connor Matherne, Louisiana State University

astronomers from Curtin University in Perth (Australia) Took a breathtaking picture. Shows how this is closest to Earth Black hole huge plasmastralin spit.

In what was recently published by researchers study It is said that rays are more than 16 times as big as ours MouthThe black hole is located at the heart of Galaxie Centaurus Athis is about 12 million light years off the ground. Its mass is about 55 million suns.

The black hole’s plasma jets are said to be 16 times larger than our moon’s

Make the rays visible with a radio wave telescope

The researchers made the rays visible by radio waves captured by Murchison Widefield Array-Teleskopwhich is located in a remote part of Western Australia, far from other radio interference. Because the plasma jets are invisible to the human eye. It starts with matter being sucked into the center of the black hole.

Curtin University’s Radio Telescope in the Australian Outback

The image supports the astrological model

Lead author of the study, Benjamin McKinley From Curtin University, she says the image provides new information about radio emission from galaxies. The astronomer said: “Previous radio observations could not cope with the extreme brightness of the rays. The details of the region around the galaxy were distorted. But our new image overcame these obstacles.”

In addition, support picture aloud Science alert Also a theory put forward by astronomers called “messy cold buildupThis model states that a mixture of intense clouds and cold gas is responsible for the plasma flow into the black hole. This image made it possible to examine this particular “space weather” in detail for the first time.

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