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The incidence rate for seven days was over 200 – the value decreased again

The incidence rate for seven days was over 200 – the value decreased again

Corona infection numbers in Cologne are still high. After reporting a very low incidence of a bug on Tuesday, the values ​​are now retrospectively corrected.

The Corona Pandimi It still defines everyday life in the cathedral city. What are the rules? How many injured are there? What do Cologne residents currently need to know about the Covid 19 situation?

Wednesday April 21: Cologne incidence values ​​later corrected

The State Health Center in North Rhine-Westphalia corrected the reporting values ​​for Corona on Tuesday after the malfunction. The injury value on Tuesday morning in Cologne was 206.3, but has since decreased again to 190.1. Incidence values ​​for prior days were also revised retrospectively. For example, the Robert Koch Institute on Saturday initially reported more than 172 cases. According to LZG, it was already even higher – at 191.5.

The infection rate on Wednesday is 190.1

After a data transmission disruption occurred on Tuesday, the Robert Koch Institute reported a seven-day incidence value of 190.1 for cologne on Wednesday. The institute has counted a total of 44,440 cases of corona since the start of the epidemic.

That is, 505 more cases within 48 hours. No new cases were reported on Tuesday. The total number on Monday was 43,935. The number of deaths increased by five more cases until Monday. A total of 619 people have died from or because of the Coronavirus.

Other peers can get an appointment to vaccinate

In Cologne, appointments for Coronavirus vaccination are activated for those born in 1948 and 1949. Vaccinated people can make an appointment via the hotline and online portal of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, as the city knows. Vaccination dates are still available for those born between 1941 and 1947.

Tuesday, April 20: The city reports 288 new cases of corona

After the current number of cases was unclear throughout the day, the city of Cologne at least shed some light in the dark in the afternoon: 288 new infections were reported Monday evening. This brings the number of infected people since the beginning of the pandemic to 44,224. The city has not announced the extent of the high value of the current occurrence.

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Usually the value is calculated by Landeszentrum Gesundheit NRW. However, there have been significant disruptions in the state administration network since Monday evening, that many reports from health authorities have yet to reach the state center, including Cologne.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths increased by three, bringing the total number of deaths to 617.

There are no new numbers in the morning

The infection was recorded for seven days at 171.9 Tuesday morning in Cologne. On Monday, the number was 188. The Robert Koch Institute recorded a total of 43,935 cases. This is a lesser case in 24 hours. The suspicion was that the current numbers may not have been reported to RKI or that there was an error.

A spokeswoman for the State Center for Health in North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed later to “Express”, that no new case was recorded due to a network error. Hence the stated incidence value is incorrect.

Other municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia were also affected by error. LZG technicians are currently trying to control faults. Initially, nothing was known about the cause of the disorder.

Monday, April 19: Incidence rises to just over 188

The Robert Koch Institute showed an 188.1 occurrence in Cologne on Monday morning in seven days. On Sunday morning, the incidence was 10 points lower – it was 178. 461 new infections were reported within 24 hours.

In total, the institute has counted 43,936 cases in the city since the start of the epidemic. The number of Corona-related deaths has increased with two other deaths, to 614.

School children return to the classroom

Opens on Monday despite the tense case of Corona Schools to teach face-to-face again. To this end, the city is working in part to expand the scale of Corona tests in schools.

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Sunday April 18th: The numbers keep rising

There is no relaxation on the horizon in Cologne Sunday morning, too: The Robert Koch Institute reported 358 new cases of coronavirus, and the total number of cases now stands at 43,475. The infection value rises again to 178.3. Two new deaths linked to the infection were also reported, bringing the total to 612.

Saturday April 17: Incidence rate above 170

On Saturday, the Robert Koch Institute reported 325 new coronavirus cases in Cologne – the infection rate is currently 172.4. The value was last high in mid-November of last year. The previous record was on November 2, at 216.8. The total number of people infected with Corona in Cologne is now 43,117. According to the RKI, there were no new deaths on Friday, and it did not change at 610.

Friday April 16: Riker announces a curfew

Henriette Reker announced a curfew in Cologne at a press conference. The mayor said: “Every day without further measures leads to new deaths.” The city is having to respond to the growing number of infections with a curfew.

According to the crisis team, that applies Curfew from tonight. The Cologne City General Ordinance will take effect from midnight. Then the curfew will take effect until 5 AM and then always between 9 PM and 5 AM.

When asked how long the curfew should be in place, Reeker did not give a specific answer. “I can’t predict when we will take action,” said Reeker. I am sure we can drop this procedure again soon.

The infection rate in Cologne remains high

On Friday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported the incidence value for Cologne was 162.7. It is slightly lower than the previous day (163.8). 248 new cases of Corona were recorded, bringing the total number of infections reported since the start of the epidemic to 42,792. The death toll has risen to 610 with four more people dying from or due to Covid-19.

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Thursday April 15: Will there be a curfew in Cologne soon?

The city must enforce at least one, as it is called in “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. Accordingly, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health confirmed to the newspaper that “in principle, the possibility of imposing a curfew in Cologne Agreed. The city has yet to introduce a general decree. “This has not happened yet,” the spokeswoman said.

At the start of the week, the head of the Cologne crisis team was in one favor The curfew was announced as an additional measure to contain the Coronavirus. To this end, it called for a regulation from North Rhine-Westphalia that would make this possible – because the city of Cologne could not implement it on its own. The crisis team will deal with it on Friday.

Corona cases continue to rise

I reported this Thursday morning Robert Koch Institute Another increase in the incidence value is 163.8. With 341 new cases of corona, the total number of people registered has increased since the beginning of the epidemic Infections To 42,544. Four more people died from or were infected with the virus, bringing the number of corona deaths in Cologne to 606.

University clinic at the limit due to more and more Covid-19 patients

Clinic director Michael Halleck already had it A few days ago, he warned on television that the intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Cologne was operating at its limits. Interventions that can be postponed will be postponed. The head of Clinic 1 Internal Medicine has again warned of an overload: a man Not far from the “hard triage” of the university hospitalOnly selected patients can be treated.