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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (Simulation) von Frontier Developments

The “incomplete” expansion was widely criticized on Steam

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who has even watched a video showing the end of alpha
Sure, it would make sense to add an Odyssey at some point, but, similar to the CP2077, it would take at least 6 months, more than a year.

adhome Wrote: ?Today 16:29

Cobbler, stick to your last. Why should you convert a space simulator into a land scooter?

why not? The horizon and its basic idea of ​​landings / planetary explorations are fascinating. Sure, the majority of ED players, myself included, don’t want in-game FPS. But if executed well or executed well, assuming it could reasonably be played in a period of time, no one would say anything negative about it.
SC owns it too and nobody complains about “What does an FPS do to my space chip!”
ED has bad luck only because it finished alpha so clearly and even those who are in the mood for FPS stuff got really angry.
As usual, it appears to have put short-term economic interests above the long-term consequences: negative PR now isn’t good for the future, but in the short term, it makes sense of course to take the issue sales with you in order to make more profits in the second quarter.

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