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Returnee makers are planning more big titles

Returnee makers are planning more big titles

Before Housemarque’s Finnish developers drew attention to themselves with their roguelike adventure “Returnal,” the studio primarily developed smaller arcade titles like “Resogun,” “Nex Machina,” or “Dead Nation.”

In an interview with colleagues from Gamereactor, Housemarque Marketing Director Mikael Haveri spoke about the studio’s future and noted that the success of “Returnal” opens up completely new possibilities for Finns. Although it remains unclear at present whether Housemarque will be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously in the future, when it comes to upcoming titles, the path is given. After “Returnal,” Housemarque wants to enter into other titles of this size.

You are more than just Resogun’s studio

“Yes, we have already worked on two projects and now of course we only have one project with Returnal. It’s hard to say if we will go on with one or two projects in the future, but the idea that we can establish ourselves now with Returnal will determine what kind of future titles we want to do.” ,

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The Housemarques Marketing Director stated, “The idea is that we now want to show that we are not just a Resogun studio. We can do all kinds of things, and from our studio perspective, that means we want to have these larger types of experiences. Now we still love the arcade. We also love minigames. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do more of this in 26 years. But it really depends on how well we are with the kinds of experiences Returnal offers now. “

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Unfortunately, it was not revealed during the interview what Housemarque will be working on next.

Those: Games Reactor

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