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The International Automobile Federation gives Andretti the green light!

The International Automobile Federation gives Andretti the green light!

( – Green light for Andretti to enter Formula 1 – at least from the FIA! The FIA ​​accepted the American racing team’s request on Monday, giving it the opportunity to participate in the Formula 1 championship from 2025.

Andretti has overcome the next hurdle on his way to Formula 1

All other applicants were informed a few days ago that their applications had been rejected.

“Andretti Formula Racing LLC was the only company that met the specified selection criteria in all key aspects,” explains FIA President Mohamed Bin Sulayem.

“I congratulate Michael Andretti and his team for the comprehensive presentation. I would also like to thank all potential teams for their interest and participation.”

“The FIA ​​has set strict criteria for acceptance from the beginning of the expression of interest process. Our aim, after conducting a rigorous due diligence check during the application phase, was to only accept applications that meet the specified criteria and demonstrate that they add value to the sport,” he continues.

“The FIA ​​is required to approve applications that meet the Expression of Interest requirements and we followed this process when we decided that Andretti Formula Racing LLC’s application would proceed to the next stage of the application process,” the President said.

He stressed: “With this decision, the FIA ​​is acting in accordance with the European Union directives on participation and development of motorsport.”

The second of three phases has been completed

For Andretti, this is an important step on the way to the top flight, but there is no guarantee yet that the team can actually compete in 2025. Because without an agreement with Formula 1 itself regarding commercial rights, Andretti will not be allowed to drive, despite the commitment of the FIA For cars. This was specified in the recent Concorde Agreement.

It was therefore entirely expected that the FIA ​​would give the green light to at least one applicant – and Andretti was the candidate who has made the most headlines in recent months. And also because they were the most aggressive in their application.

Does FOM agree too?

On the other hand, Formula 1 has always been cautious when it comes to new teams. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali has repeatedly stressed that the newcomer must bring “added value”, without specifying exactly what that means.

But basically it is clear that added value means that the new team must guarantee greater revenues so that other teams do not have to make sacrifices if they have to share their prize money with additional competitors. That’s why most of the other racing teams were against the 11th or 12th team.

It remains to be seen whether Andretti will also receive FOM approval following FIA approval. However, Domenicali recently made a move towards the FIA ​​and said they would “find an agreement together”.

Formula 1 officially says: “We have noted the FIA’s conclusions regarding the first and second stages of its process and will now make our own assessment of the remaining demand.”

Andretti is going strong

Michael Andretti’s team, which recently renamed Andretti Autosport to Andretti Global, had already announced its interest in entering Formula 1 at the beginning of 2022. The American has faced rejection repeatedly, but has already begun preparing to join.

The plans received new impetus in January 2023 when the FIA ​​officially announced a call for bids for new teams – and Andretti’s request soon arrived. With the American company General Motors and the Cadillac brand to collect more arguments.

It is possible that Cadillac could build its own Formula 1 engine in the future, but that may not be the case until 2027 at the earliest. The FIA ​​has already announced six engine manufacturers for 2026, so Andretti will likely rely on Renault engines for the time being – the French are currently without a customer team in Formula 1.

Andretti will be the first new team since Haas, which joined Formula 1 in 2016. Since Manor’s departure after a season, only ten racing teams have competed in the series.

From many they make four, and from four they make one

The FIA ​​launched a call for bids for potential new Formula 1 teams last February, which received “numerous inquiries”. Four of them were allowed to enter the second stage: in addition to Andretti, they were Hitech, Elke Sons and Rodin, but they failed this hurdle.

The evaluation of each application relates in particular to the sporting and technical skills and resources of the team applying, the ability of the team to raise and maintain sufficient financial resources to enable participation in the tournament at a competitive level, as well as relevant experience. And the team’s human resources.

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Applications were also evaluated based on their ability to meet sustainability criteria and achieve a positive societal impact in line with the FIA’s approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

In addition, the “overall long-term interests” of the tournament and all participants were responsible for selecting candidates.

Only Andretti has now emerged in the second phase and now moves to the third phase: trade discussions with FOM.