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Joy in Music – Spring concert entertainment by the Martinsburg Traditional Band

Joy in Music – Spring concert entertainment by the Martinsburg Traditional Band

After a break of five years, the Youth Wind Orchestra is back in attendance at this year's concert. Under the direction of Mathias Hubel, the seven young musicians sang the “Mickey Mouse March” and, with the support of some band members, the “Breakdance Brass” piece. Band leader Stefan Reiner said: “These young men are the future musicians of our band” and presented some gifts with thanks.

Funny Stories

The members of the orchestra had a lot of fun and joy, not only composing music. The evening's emcees, Martha Lodi Hubbell and Joseph Rehberger, informed the audience about the pieces performed and entertained them with funny anecdotes and stories. In Florian Moetzi's piece “Downhill,” which musically depicts a ski race on the Streif River in Kitzbühel, some of the musicians are equipped with ski goggles and hoodies.

For the first time on the bandleader's podium

Carina Sandler conducted this score. She conducted the orchestra with skillful baton management and balanced movements. The aspiring young musician is currently training to become a bandleader. Of course, Kapellmeister Andreas Sandler is proud of his daughter. Sandler led the group on most cuts. Christoph Liedl took the conductor's podium for “Mount Everest” and “The Bare Necessities.”

Medals of Honor presented

Chairman Stefan Reiner, band director Andreas Sandler and mayor Fritz Fürst used the concert to provide some decorations. Bianca Mayerhofer received a Bronze Youth Achievement Badge on clarinet. Benedikt Sandler has been awarded the Bronze Medal of the Lower Austrian Brass Music Society for 15 years of active work as a musician. Mayor Fritz Fürst was pleased with the large number of visitors and thanked all the musicians for their commitment.

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A new uniform has been introduced

“The Martinsberg Traditional Costume Band has decided to purchase a new traditional costume,” Chairman Reiner told the audience. Franziska Böhm and Mario Liddell presented the new uniform. Equipping 50 musicians is a major financial challenge. The community has already promised appropriate support. Mayor Forrest and Chief Reiner are convinced that residents will provide part of the financial resources for the project through donations. Perhaps the band can be admired in new outfits in the fall.