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The Jacob Steiner Prize goes to Claudia Unterkofler

The Jacob Steiner Prize goes to Claudia Unterkofler

Master violin maker Claudia Unterkofler, born in Innsbruck in 1979, will receive the 2024 Jacob Steiner Prize for Early Music.

The value of the award is 5,100 euros, and is awarded every two years based on the proposal of the Cultural Advisory Council for Music. The award ceremony takes place in the fall at the Culture Festival in Innsbruck.

“Early music has a high place in the cultural life of Tyrol. With the Jacob Steiner Prize, we honor figures who have made special achievements in the field of early music. Naturally, this also includes instrument making. Thanks to her expertise in historical stringed instruments, Claudia Unterkofler makes a significant contribution.” In the innovative development of early music in Tyrol and beyond, and in its craft, it stands in the tradition of Jacob Steiner,” emphasizes the cultural advisor. LH Anton Mattel He warmly congratulates the award winner.

The Cultural Advisory Board for Music particularly emphasized the following: Claudia Unterkofler With its specialty in historical stringed instruments and, above all, bow-making, it became a staple of the early music scene. Their experience extends beyond national borders. Musicians from all over the world jump at the opportunity to utilize her skills and have their instruments and bows made and repaired by her.

Jacob Steiner Prize

The award is named after the violin maker Absam Jacob Steiner, who lived between 1619 and 1683. The award was first awarded by the State of Tyrol in 1983 to honor artists for their outstanding achievements in the field of early music.

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