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“No one will be fooled”

“No one will be fooled”

Prince Harry is scheduled to visit Britain in early May to attend the anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry He is reportedly scheduled to visit the UK in early May to celebrate the anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Harry will attend the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, which will include a special Mass at St Paul's Cathedral.

Peers Expert: Harry may feel compelled to meet William

According to an aristocratic expert, the Duke of Sussex will not be able to evade responsibility. According to the royal connoisseur Tom Quinn Harry could feel he has “no choice” but to meet Prince William and other members of the royal family when he visits the UK early next month.

“If he decides not to attend, it will take some explaining because everyone will assume he doesn't want the embarrassment of having to meet his brother or having to choose not to meet him,” Becomes Queen of woman Quoted.

If there is ever a reunion between estranged brothers William and Harry, it will likely be brief.

“Not attending would be worse than finding a compromise where Harry sees William for ten minutes or coming up with a reason why he doesn't have time to see his brother and father and has to return to the United States to have the kids with him. But no one will be fooled by those excuses,” the peerage expert said. .

Communication between William and Harry is similar to that of “diplomats”

After Princess Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, the Sussexes issued a rare statement wishing the Princess of Wales a speedy recovery. Royal expert and author Tom Quinn revealed to woman Already a few days ago: “Harry and Meghan contacted William, but their private message was simply compassionate and did not contain any suggestion that the brothers reconcile and let bygones be bygones.”

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“There is simply too much dissatisfaction with that,” the nobility expert continued.

William, still hurt by everything Harry had said in the past, responded, but the response was largely directed at the palace and hardly the warm, informal response one would expect from one brother to another, Quinn explained. “Of the kind of communication you might have between two somewhat wary diplomats.”