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The last Franckviertel bank branch closes in October

The last Franckviertel bank branch closes in October

The 7,000 residents of Frankfurtel will soon have to do without a bank branch. After the withdrawal of Oberbank and Raiffeisenbank, Sparkasse Oberösterreich has now also announced in a letter that it will close the branch on Franckstrasse on October 2nd.

Franckviertel needs a bank branch

Alderman Florian Kobler (SP) criticized the decision. “This decision is particularly affected by the elderly, who may not have the necessary technical skills or feel insecure when using electronic payment methods,” says Kobler. Franckviertel in particular is an up-and-coming area with many new housing developments, so there is a need for a local bank branch. Koppler is asking those responsible at Sparkasse Oberösterreich to look into the effects of this decision on the quality of life of people in Franckviertel and will be asking for personal contact.

Next branch on country road

At Sparkasse Oberösterreich, customers’ changing needs are noted. Analytics have shown that more and more customers are using online banking services – including a significant proportion of older customers. For everyone else, the next branch is on Landstrasse just 2 km away. “We did not take the decision to close the branch lightly – we are a company and committed to achieving profitability,” the bank said. The branch network in Linz is very dense, so a personal advisor will still be just a few minutes away.

Christian Diable

Christian Diable


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