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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD test im

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD test im


According to the developers, the graphic style is based on impressionism. I admit I’m clueless about such things, but thanks to the Remaster, it looks beautiful even on the big screens.


Orchestral background music and sound samples are well known (found a treasure chest…), but apart from a few exclamation points, it didn’t sound as usual.


Motion control naysayers also get a chance thanks to the new stick control, but they have to do without the easy control of the camera.

game design

The diverse game world invites you to explore and some of the puzzles and its mechanics are refreshingly clear.


PROTECT ZELDA AND SAVE THE WORLD – A Zelda fan needs no extra motivation.


Sword toward the sky He and was a good Zelda series actor. Opinions can only be divided about the motion control, but thanks to the controller variant, nothing speaks against the first – or revamped – flight to at least the time beginnings of the Zelda universe.

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