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Luminar AI 4 update brings bokeh function |  software

Luminar AI 4 update brings bokeh function | software

Skylum has released a new version of its Luminar AI-based image processing software.

Luminar AI 4 gets update تحديث bokeh image AI A tool that automatically creates an artificial background bokeh when algorithms recognize a face, people, or entire groups of people. Portrait Bokeh AI automatically creates a mask that the user can still edit. In addition, it is possible to regulate the strength of the bokeh effect, adjust the depth of field and control the backlight.

In addition to this new function, the file texturewhich can be added via a local mask – which is hidden behind the brush icon – is now displayed with a preview image as the available sky. This makes selecting in the texture library easier. Users can also expand the existing library with their own materials.

More changes affect the sky area AI. here they were under sky direction The portrait mode, horizontal position, and sky blend sliders have been replaced by the Horizon Shift control. This single control should make it possible to better and easier align an alternating sky with the horizon thus obtaining a smoother natural result.

Luminar AI 4 update is free for Luminar AI users. To install under macOS, you have to select “LuminarAI > Check for Updates” in the menu. If the software was purchased from the App Store, the update should also be initiated via this in the Updates area. The update can be done on Windows computers via “LuminarAI > Help > Check for Updates”. More information can be found at Skylum’s website.

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