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Diablo Immortal (Rollenspiel) von Blizzard Entertainment

The legendary gem is causing renewed frustration for fans

Once again, Diablo Immortal has disappointed fans: the legendary gems that were recently available for purchase in the game store have an incorrect description. Players are demanding their money back.

Specifically, it concerns “Blessing of the Worthy”, the characteristics of which are not properly displayed in the game. Upgrading the stone for willing players costs around €100, but it doesn’t offer the hoped-for improvements. Already in the past Diablo Immortal has faced criticism from fans.

Immortal Diablo: incorrect description of the €100 gem

“Blessing of the Worthy” is one of the most powerful items you can find for your character in Diablo Immortal, as it is a five-star gem. He was especially popular with the barbarians, who believed that they would benefit from his influence. But the exact details of the wording of his description are now problematic.

In fact, the effect of the gem is as follows: “When you take damage, you have a 20 percent chance of being unlocked to hit all nearby enemies, and deal damage equal to 12 percent of your maximum life. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.”

Unfortunately, the effect doesn’t quite work as expected: instead of maxing out your lifespan, the damage the gem does to your enemies is proportional to your current HP value. A drastic difference, after all, you’re not always in the best health like a blade-wielding barbarian who literally drowns out hordes of opponents. You will be looking in vain for an explanation in the game.

Blizzard admits mistakes – fans demand compensation

In the context of the Reddit post, Blizzard developers have now admitted that the incorrect description is actually a bug that should also be fixed in the game with the next script update. However, the community manager again explicitly refers to the description of the gem – however, the change will not make a difference in its effect.

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Angry gamers expressed their frustration in the comments posted on Reddit. While some of them make it clear that they appreciate Blizzard’s honesty and communication, it doesn’t help them much with their problem because they’ve already spent money. Others urge the community to contact their country’s consumer protection agency or get a refund through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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