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'The Lion's Den: Guest lions are causing stress on Kofler and Co.'

‘The Lion’s Den: Guest lions are causing stress on Kofler and Co.’

The movie “The Lions Den” was a huge success for Vox, although the show is actually pretty monotonous. So a little fresh wind Monday evening was good. With Ankerkraut’s Lemckes, two old friends came to the show as guest investors and mixed up the old “lions” — at least a little.


from Christian Fock

As a teacher, one is really happy when something happens to the students. It is no different with investors from “Die Höhle der Löwen”. At least if you believe in the beautiful and harmonious short films that Vox tells during the show what happened to so many deals. You can easily sense that Judith Williams, Karsten mashmeyer And his associates are part of the family with their founders almost.

In the last version, things were a little different. Teachers and students meet again on Monday evening, but this time first not in the movie, but in the studio and secondly, this time it will not be as harmonious as usual. Because where everyone knows their place, the former founders come to the former teachers in this road ring.

Vox broke out of its usual routine on Monday evening and informally appointed two former founders as guest jurors who want to discuss the prey of entrenched “lions.” Or, as former founder Stefan Lemke put it: “We’re back. Ankerkraut is right there.”

Stefan Lemke on Carsten Machmeyer: ‘You don’t have to believe it’

Five years ago, Stefan and Anne Lemke introduced their start-up, Ankerkrot Seasoning Factory, in “The Cave of the Lions.” Frank Tellin liked the company so much that he invested in it at the time.

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Meanwhile, Ankerkraut has grown so much that Lemckes have sold part of their company and are now turning to the investors side. A stroke of luck for Vox, after all you can tell such a small story and at the same time tease the same show sequence a bit.

Ann Lemcke made it clear from the start that the Lemckes didn’t just come because of too much free time or entertainment: “We’re excited, we don’t want to be robbed of our bread.” The two have the opportunity to do just that at the first start. Filip Mierzwa and Simon Köstler both offer a seemingly everyday ingredient, but one that inspires Stefan Lemke: a skillet.

Your company, STUR, sells a cast iron skillet that is supposed to be lighter than the competition and made in a literal one-piece. Lemcke admired not only fans, but also other “lions”.

Small problem: The numbers are correct thanks to crowdfunding, but so far there have only been pre-orders. So Carsten Maschmeyer doesn’t think the orders will still be too loud – but Stefan Lemke immediately steps in: “He said it to us at the time, so you don’t necessarily have to believe him.”

‘The Lion’s Den: Pfannen founders still upset

They don’t either, but because they insist on their lineage in the end, no deal has been reached despite several offers. “It should be worth it,” says Stefan Lemke, showing understanding, but not willing to invest. Thus, there are no investments in the credit side of Ankerkraut and a lively slogan against the old “lions”. Your second must go to starting Holy Pit deodorant! join.

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Branka Puljic and Asmir Samardzic from Vienna want to reduce the waste of care products and have developed a vegan deodorant cream that inhibits bacteria whose packages are made of sugar cane and can be refilled. Wöhrl thinks it’s a good thing, but sees a danger in imitation. Here, too, Lemcke sneers: “We hear these arguments too often and I tell you: please hide it, go on just like that!”

The two founders gladly take the advice because they even want it to be copied, “because that no longer produces waste.” In the end, Lemckes gets a sacred hole! Founder’s first deal in the show. So there’s a deal and two sayings in Lemckes’ account so far – and one should be added to each.

Wayne Kock and Marlon Harms come to “Den of the Lions” with their Veggie Crumbz, and they want to raise €200,000 there and give away 10 percent of the company’s stock in return.

George Koffler delivers: ‘Your part-time blacks’

The two developed a bagel made of vegetables that is currently only available to B2B clients; Now they want it on supermarket shelves, too. In the opinion of investors, this is a good plan, because the taste of bread is exceptionally good for everyone. So good that it is now fought off with a small elbow.

Stefan Lemke is about to expand his advantages as an investor when Maschmeyer steps in. “May I take a moment, Karsten?” , Lemcke interrupted the cutter again and then proceeded immediately. He can take care of the founders much more personally than his rival George Kovler And Ralph DeMille with Giant Shops.

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Kofler feels obligated to distribute: “You’re black part-time, yes. Please reduce discrimination against your black fellows! Otherwise, we’ll get started.”

Stefan Lemke replies again succinctly, which doesn’t make the small skirmish a big argument, but at least “The Lion’s Cave” gets here a little higher. From an entertainment point of view, inviting guest investors to the show has already paid off.

But the lions of Ankerkraut should have enjoyed, too. On the other hand, this look is always good marketing. On the other hand, that evening they got a second deal with Veggie Crumbz, although they didn’t expect it at all. “I think they would do that with the two of them,” Stefan Lemcke speculates, saying the joint bid from Kofler and Dümmel wins the bid. But the founders of Veggie Crumbz chose Lemckes because they don’t have to give up many shares here.

Thus, amused, George Koffler arrives at a different conclusion from the Ankercrot couple: “I think the idea of ​​guest lions is not a good one.”

More information about “The Lion’s Den” 2021 can be found here

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In the new edition of Vox founder’s “Die Höhle der Löwen,” Anne and Stefan Lemcke of spice company Ankerkraut were two of the former nominees on the podium Monday night. With a clever and sensitive tactic, the pair beat star investors twice.