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The Lions' short-lived match against SKN St. Polten ended 2-2

The Lions’ short-lived match against SKN St. Polten ended 2-2

Maurice Molthope and Martin Kopilansky record for blue and yellow

After the match against Victoria Berlin was canceled, our professionals played a test match against SKN St. Polten on Sunday morning at short notice. The meeting, in which spectators were not allowed, ended 2: 2. After an early lead by the Austrian second tier club (1), Martin Kopilanski equalized shortly after the first half (47th place). Maurice Multhope (63) scored to give Blue and Yellow a temporary lead before St. Polten made it 2-2 shortly before the end.

The match started with a black racket. Immediately after the kickoff, the Austrians fired a long shot into the Eintracht half, as the Blue and Yellow defense was unsorted for a brief moment. St. Polten’s George Davies got the ball and rushed into the hole in Braunschweig’s defense, in front of goalkeeper Yannick Bangsu, 25, kept cool and pushed inside. After 20 seconds the score was 0:1 from the black’s perspective. BTSV was not affected by this for a long time and quickly showed a reaction. Five minutes later, Luke Ehhurst was sent on his way. The striker puts the ball in the middle at full speed as the defender clears it before Jummen Consprush is ready to score (5′). Less than three minutes later, Jan Hendrik Marx failed after running from the inside right position of the opposing goalkeeper, who was able to direct a low shot to newcomer Löwen over the crossbar in the last second (8). Although he trailed, blue and yellow were fully present in the match and continued to create chances in front of St. Polten’s goal. Despite the more satisfactory actions on the part of Eintracht, SKN has always become dangerous once they meet in the final third. In the eleventh minute, Bangsu had to turn off Daniel Schutz, who beat Janis Nicolau and Michael Schultz in BTSV Sixteen. On the other hand, after a corner kick, only the post prevented the equalizer when Schultz’s header after a corner kick and Ehurst’s header (13′). The difficult encounter again and again provided great opportunities for Eintracht in the following minutes. So Nicolau failed after a corner kick that SKN couldn’t get past (30′). Shortly before the break, Bangsu had to catch the ball again when Kresimir Kovacevic appeared loose in front of our goalkeeper. However, the Braunschweig goalkeeper did not find it difficult to finish the match (43). In the break, Schiele’s team was 1-0 down at the start.

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Coach Michael Scheele made a good change at halftime. However, the changing lineup did not have a negative impact on the Eintracht match, so it did not take Martin Kopilansky long to score the first goal in blue and yellow. The ten lions rounded goalkeeper Franz Stolz and rushed to make the score 1-1 (47). Löwen’s side dominated the match in the second half and created several chances before Maurice Molthope was dispatched by Benjamin Gerth after winning the ball into the opponent’s penalty area and had only to push the ball over the line from seven meters (63). After the opening goal, Kopilansky attempted a direct free kick, which Stolz was able to take out of the tuck. Michael Scheele made another change in the second half, so Löwen’s second-team Rafael Zemfer made his second friendly appearance. Shortly before the end of the match, Kopilansky put another ball into the penalty area, with Enrique Peña Zoner and Gerth touching the equipment of the field. Goalkeeper Stolz was already hit, but the SKN defense cleared the streak at the last minute thus blocking the 3:1 safe from Eintracht’s view. Thus, the decision was narrowly missed and he was punished only minutes later. After a difficult back pass to goalkeeper Julian Bauer, the goalkeeper jumped the ball so that St. Polten’s Denny Allar could achieve 2: 2 after a cross (82). A little later it ended up in Wolfsburg.

Michael Sheel:
“It’s good that we were able to play a friendly today. It was a different kind of competition. We created too many chances and didn’t score enough goals. If you’re not really on the field after ten seconds and you overplay a normal long ball, it’s not enough. In the half The second we equalized the score directly and then went on to the second goal. But in this case, we have to score the third or fourth goal early because we have many chances and goals from the goal. 2-2 are behind after a bad pass, they hit the goalkeeper and we didn’t play clearly from the back in the situation. “.

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Robin Krause:
“It’s very annoying that we didn’t leave the field as winners. In the second half they were very good. We didn’t allow almost anything in pressure, we also had a lot of good passing sequence and always played simply. With space and wind, we still managed to stand behind the string from Time to time. Then we forgot to score the third or fourth goal, it was definitely possible. In the end, the late goal is bitter.”

The game in a nutshell:

Bangsu (Bauer, 45 minutes) – Schultz (Stombe, 70 minutes), Nikolau (Schloetter, 45 minutes), Strumpf (Berndt, 45 minutes), Ehurst (Gerth, 45 minutes), Otto (Kopilansky, 45 minutes), Muller ( Multhaup, 45′), Consbruch (Peña Zauner, 45′), Wiebe (Krauße, 45′), Marx (Görlich, 45′), Kijewski (Zimpfer, 70′)

1: 0
Davis (1′)
1: 1 Kopilansky (47′)
1: 2 Multup (63′)
2: 2 Allar (82′)