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The lucky winner finds millions of lotteries in the spam folder


January 25, 2022 – 11:45 am Clock

It is useful to look at the spam folder from time to time. The best example of this is Laura Spears. The American no doubt opened his digital recycle bin and searched for a friend’s email. She discovered: The announcement of the “Michigan Lottery” made the 55-year-old a multi-millionaire.

A lucky ticket

But from the front. On December 31, Laura Spears filled out her lucky ticket on the Michigan Lottery website. “I saw on Facebook that the mega million jackpot was so big, so I bought a ticket,” Spears told People magazine. But she did not believe she would succeed.

Millions of profits will be sunk by junk mail

She found the lottery announcement in mid-January while searching for old news in the spam folder. Laura Spears has five perfect numbers (02-05-30-46-61), which brings the prize money to one million US dollars. But it gets even better: the woman from Auckland County, Michigan, also meets the so-called “multiplier.” This triples their success to three million dollars!

Suddenly a millionaire

Laura Spears could not believe her eyes: “I could not believe what I read. So I logged into my lottery account to confirm the message in the email. I’m really shocked that I won $ 3 million.” She tells people. Thanks to the lottery millions, the 55-year-old can now retire early and give his family a portion of the profits. (kzi)

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