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The springs are also being pulled to the United States

Ergan Cara, who was transferred to the US MLS, has already left the SK Rapid training camp and continues to work with the “green-whites” in Strike ally Taxiarkis Foundas Belek. In the summer, he will leave Vienna-Huttledorp, and it looks like he will cross the pond as well.

Will Taxiarchis Fountas be celebrated in the US soon?

Farewell to Rapid’s attacking couple soon. Ercan Kara has already left the Hütteldorfer training camp, concludes final negotiations with a potential new employer, and is set to transfer to North American Major League Soccer (MLS). According to media reports, Orlando City may have won the race for the 26-year-old attacker, who will leave Vienna in green and white two years later. With Taxiarchis Fountas, another team can now follow it and dare to jump across the pool. As “Washington Post” At the end of his current job at Rapid, Greece have a three-year preliminary contract with DC United for the coming summer.

Fountas, who scored 45 goals in 90 games for Rapid and prepared 19 goals, is set to be transformed into an attractive man with an Indigenous salary to travel to the United States. According to a well-known newspaper report, Fountas could win a whopping $ 7 million in three years. He will be one of three players assigned to a club allowed to earn more than the league limit of $ 650,000. After Edison Flores and Paul Ariola, “Taxi” will be third in the MLS Club.

Fountas will not renew the contract

Fountas have scored seven goals and four assists in 17 league games this season, including one in the ÖFB Cup. In the Europa League, on the other hand, the Greek striker, who arrived in Vienna-Huttledorf on a free transfer from SKN St Bolton in the summer of 2019, exited the group stage empty-handed. The striker has already made it clear he will not extend his expired contract with last season’s runner-up players and is aiming for change. A consistent change in the winter failed due to the transfer fee, at which point DC United reportedly paid கன 200,000 for his dream striker.

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Anyway, the Americans did not intend to give up in the race for the Founds. After Vienna-Hütteldorf, the two “green-whites” were able to deliver the desired targets in North America in the future, one a little earlier, the other, this time, a little later.