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The man cries for a week

The man cries for a week

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In an extraordinary attempt to set a world record, Nigerian Tembu Ebere tried to cry non-stop for an entire week. But in the course of this attempt, the man developed temporary partial blindness.

Tempo Iberi complained of a headache and swelling of the face and eyes, before losing his sight for 45 minutes. The remarkable incident came amid a week-long Guinness World Record attempt that took place in the African country of Nigeria, the BBC reports. Despite the troubling consequences of his attempt, Ibiri expressed his determination to hold back his tears and continue to equal his personal record.

“I had to rearrange and reduce my crying,” Ebiri admitted in an interview with the broadcaster. The Nigerian is determined to continue crying despite the health risks, although his record attempt has yet to be officially submitted to Guinness World Records and thus not officially recognized.

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This unusual record-setting attempt is only one of many attempts being made in Nigeria to earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records. But, as the fate of Iberi shows, such attempts are not without risks and can lead to health problems.

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