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British Parliament tightens asylum law –

British Parliament tightens asylum law –

Despite heavy criticism, last night the British Parliament passed a law aimed at abolishing the right of asylum for people who entered the country illegally. Thus, the Anti-Illegal Immigration Act could enter into force before the summer parliamentary recess.

The Senate, which had initially called for nearly two dozen changes, gave in to pressure from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s conservative government in return for minor concessions.

The new law allows, for example, the detention of refugees crossing the English Channel to the British Isles in small boats. Last year alone, more than 45,000 people came to the UK this way. In the future, they must be deported to their home country or a third country without the opportunity to apply for asylum. Critics talk about abolishing the right to asylum.

Court of Appeal: The agreement with Rwanda is illegal

According to the government, migrants should be able to be sent to Rwanda, among other places, regardless of their origin. However, the agreement already concluded with the East African country is pending.

The agreement stipulates that Britain will hand over its responsibility to protect asylum seekers in Rwanda in exchange for money. The judges of the Court of Appeal ruled that this was illegal. Now it’s up to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court.

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Asylum ship in Dorset

Almost simultaneously with the passage of the law, the barge, on which 500 asylum-seekers would be housed in the future, arrived at its destination in the county of Dorset. The government wants to reduce accommodation costs, which currently cost nearly seven million euros per day for hotel rooms due to the lack of adequate reception facilities.

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