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The Mars probe gets rid of the uninvited guest after a year

The Mars probe gets rid of the uninvited guest after a year

the NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance Lost loyal companion. after 427 Mars (Martian days)Over the course of a year on Earth, the rock that was traveling in the rover’s front left wheel has disappeared. In the February 2022 The stone first appears in the image. Now the Mars geologist is involved Gwenel Caravaca The “sad news” that the “friend” has disappeared, via Twitter with.

NASA body Technical devices such as Rover Perseverance, for example through Twitter accounts that report from a tool perspective. So the simple stone, which rolled in the rover wheel and remained there, turned into a “friend” Close.

Rocky landscapes on Mars

But perseverance is not alone. In March the pictures were via Twitter split up, wheneverthe passenger“Which has accumulated over months. More stones can be found in the front and rear right wheel.

Rocks slip into the wheels when the rover navigates uneven terrain or larger rocks break under their own weight. The range of things that can get caught in a rover’s wheels is enormous. Like new photos almost daily on Perseverance blog It turns out, the landscape on Mars is particularly rocky.