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The mass killings have begun on Twitter

The mass killings have begun on Twitter

As announced, Twitter’s job cuts began after the acquisition of tech billionaire Elon Musk on Friday. The Financial Service reported that laid-off employees received emails in the morning stating that this was their last day at the company Bloomberg. The tweets of former employees who reported their termination increased on Twitter. Initially, the size of the job cuts remained unclear.

According to media reports in the past few days, about 3,700 jobs may be affected by the SMS service. Musk lamented the advertisers’ pullout, blaming “activist groups” that put pressure on advertisers. Nothing has changed in dealing with controversial content, and everything has been done to satisfy these activists, Musk wrote in a tweet on Twitter on Friday that was later deleted. “They are trying to destroy freedom of expression in America,” he said, without naming the groups. He now wants Save a billion dollars.

Evacuating the ice from the cold

The former employees — who refer to themselves as “newbies” — shared the hashtag on Twitter #one team their sad experiences. Several of their computers are blocked and can no longer log in when they start working, reporting those affected. The company had announced that offices will remain closed on Friday and all entry cards will be disabled to ensure the safety of employees.

Reporter Washington Post Share the email via Twitter, which you simply salute as “Team.” Among other things, employees are informed that they will receive an email at their own address in the event of termination. Anyone who is allowed to stay will receive a message at the current company address. Subject: “Your role on Twitter”. This measure is “unfortunately necessary” to ensure the “continued success of the company,” according to the message, signed only by Twitter.

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