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BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The Federal Ministry of Economics is skeptical about estimates by transport system operators that the renewable energy subsidy system will generate a multibillion-dollar surplus next year. Due to the high volatility of electricity prices, it is difficult to predict. “It is also possible that in 2023 there will be a demand for EEG support in the low range of one billion euros,” the ministry said.

The Federal Network Agency had previously announced that transport system operators expect a surplus of 3.6 billion euros from the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) subsidy scheme for next year. For 2023, they predict that income from electricity marketing paid for by EEG will exceed the need for subsidies. The reason for this is the high electricity prices. With the EEG surcharges removed, funding requirements for renewable energies will be offset through the Federal Climate and Transformation Fund.

According to the Federal Grid Agency, transmission system operators expect a net expansion of renewable energy systems of 11.0 gigawatts in 2023. At 8.5 gigawatts, much of the net increase will again be driven by solar systems.

Therefore onshore wind turbines and offshore wind turbines contribute 2.2 GW and 0.5 GW to the net increase. A slight decline in biomass production of 0.1 GW is therefore expected, as some plants have reached the end of their subsidies.

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