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Kiba with a team working against supply chain problems

Kiba with a team working against supply chain problems

Knogler (left) and Luftensteiner also rely on Keba’s electronic charging stations. © Kiba

Linz-based technology and automation specialist Keba responded aggressively with a supply chain problem last year.

At the height of the components crisis, a 60-person task force was put together to avoid significant delays, company president Gerhard Lufensteiner said at a press conference. Although there continued to be delivery issues and chip prices rose sharply, the challenges were overcome thanks to the teamwork, says Luftensteiner.

“We also note that in customer feedback, Keba stands for not only innovation, but reliability,” he asserts. “There has never been a month in which we have not been able to meet reasonable delivery times,” said Christoph Knogler, Managing Director of Energy Automation.

who was also able to report other positive things on Wednesday. The 500,000th wall box – an electronic car charging station – was delivered this year. This makes it one of the leading, if not the leading, manufacturers of wall boxes, as they say.

500,000 pieces is the result of the sharp increase in sales in recent months. The 250,000th wall box was not produced in Kiba until the beginning of 2021, after the first wall box was introduced in 2009.

In 2005, the primary decision was made to focus on e-mobility. Meanwhile, one of them above all recorded climate-neutral shipping boxes, as reported Wednesday.

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