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The Mistelbacher Mustangs won by a record number of points

The Mistelbacher Mustangs won by a record number of points

With an impressive return 128 points Mistelbacher Mustangs recently celebrated a great event Home win Against the Lions of Dornbirn. Never before has any team in the second Bundesliga been able to achieve such a high level. Vorarlberg's opponent eventually held on to 89 points. Until the end, the people of Dornbirn showed great fighting spirit against them Mustang However, they had no chance.

However, you'll want that record result for the Mistelbachers, who currently sit at the top of the standings in the Second Division East. do not make it too much. Of course, you have to do well yourself to achieve that result, he says Coach Martin Weissenbock. But Dornbirn's opponents entered the match weaker. However, I had a particularly good day, said the coach.

More important goals

Until now it was score In the second division with 122 points. The Lions of Dornbirn and the Panthers of Fürstenfeld shared this. But they weren't aiming to score points anyway. “The goal is Perfects To become. “We narrowly missed this last year,” Weissenbock asserts. So far the Mistelbach team has done just that Just defeat You should take. We currently have 15 wins this season. “Like last year, we are doing really well now,” says the coach happily.

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This good form now needs to be proven. Because the most important stage on the way to the championship title has not yet come: Playoffs They are at the door. Before that, the last three matches must be mastered in order to defend first place in the table. According to Weisenbock, this may again pose a challenge despite the successes achieved so far.

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Opponents are waiting on Saturday Mattersburg On Mistlebucker. After that, matches against Swarco Raiders from Tyrol and Basket Flames from Vienna will be on the programme. The last match against Vienna Flames in particular was “Mandatory victory“, says Martin Weissenbock.