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The Montafon bear search was unsuccessful

The Montafon bear search was unsuccessful


There was great excitement in mid-April when two passers-by in Montafon claimed to have seen a bear. The search for animals is now complete. Wildlife biologist Hubert Schatz hypothesizes a mix-up.

The infantrymen were at Schrattenort – expelled in Gortipol – when they said they saw two bears. She would growl and then disappear into the dense forest. The police then searched the sighting area with the fishermen responsible. Two animal prints that cannot be clearly identified are found.

The search for potential bears is now complete. No bear tracks or signs were found, according to Hubert Schatz, the country’s wildlife biologist. The potential for confusion is very high.

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The biologist was skeptical from the start

Schatz was skeptical from the start. He said at the beginning: “What makes me very suspicious is that they are talking about two bears, a big bear and a small bear. One bear, it would be quite possible at this time. Around this time, male small animals like to migrate.” In this regard, it is also possible Bears encounter in Vorarlberg.

It couldn’t be a youngster from this year, and one from last year that was no longer traveling with its mother—at least not on the move, according to the biologist. Bears’ roars are also strange, because according to Schatz, bears don’t suddenly growl.

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