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The new management is in touch: Burgerista is still unwilling to return to Graz

The new management is in touch: Burgerista is still unwilling to return to Graz

Everything seems to be arranged for Burgerista to return to Graz – precisely in those rooms located in Jakominiplatz, as the Burgerista Bar was put up to closing time in February as part of the bankruptcy filing. This is where new notes have been hanging on the windows for a few days – including the Burgerista logo and email address. And on a phone call Small newspaper It was also confirmed that they will return to Jakominiplatz.

But now, Kevin Gross and Thomas Altendorfer, the new duo to manage the burgersta since September, have contacted the Kleine Zeitung to refuse to return to Graz: “We have been burgerristas since the fall, and there are no franchisees anymore. And at least for the time they return we will not be returning to Graz”. With the best will in the world, one cannot explain why new employees are being sought by Burgerista’s notice and logo on Jakominiplatz – but one reserves the right to take legal action.

In February 2022, the kitchen remained cold in three burgerstas: The Seiersberger franchisee who operates the restaurants in the shopping town itself as well as on Jakominiplatz in Graz and in the Lugner City in Vienna had to insolvency sign in. At the end of June, the Burgerista chain itself, together with its eight restaurants in Austria, was forced to submit an application for a restructuring of procedures without self-management in the Linz Regional Court. And at the beginning of September it finally became known that the famous Upper Austrian restaurateur Thomas Altendorfer had just bought a burgerista. The acquisition was justified by the fact that “acceptance of the concept and offer on the part of customers was very good until the end”. So it shouldn’t just be a burgerista persist, but also growing, which is why we are looking for new locations throughout Austria. Graz is not one of them yet…

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