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The new MMO is off to a bad start with Early Access.

The new MMO is off to a bad start with Early Access.

from Karsten Schulz
On August 17, 2023, Wayfinder, a new online role-playing game on PlayStation 5 and PC, entered Early Access where you can slip into the role of the eponymous Wayfinder and complete seasonal challenges. Of the 9,397 Steam reviews so far, only 30% are positive…

Colorful comic graphics, fantasy settings, an action-packed combat system, seasonal content like world events, hunting adventures and missions… We’ve had the online role-playing game Wayfinder from developer Airship Syndicate and publisher Digital Extremes on our screens, but we’ve found what we’ve seen so far too generic. . On August 17, 2023, the action-adventure game with MMO vibes started in “Early Access”.

Anyone who purchases one of the four Founder’s Packs (prices range from €17.99 to €129.99) can move on to the first Founder’s Season. After two founding seasons (that is, in about six months), the final version is due, with a Free2Play payment model as well as an in-game store, where cosmetics, “items” and “boosters” are sold. With a few exceptions, you should also be able to win many things from the store. Details about the exceptions are not yet available. However, individual players report that there are paid skins that should bring bonuses.

The Wayfinder: Early Access launch trailer introduces you to Season 1

False start for early access

With Palia, Baldur’s Gate 3, Armored Core 6, Starfield, and more releasing, we probably won’t have time to take a closer look at Wayfinder in the coming weeks. If you want to spend some time, we recommend that you take a look at Previous Steam reviews to throw. Of the 9,397 reviews, only 30 percent are positive — and we’ve already read some positive reviews that are actually negative (like: “After five hours of playing, I still don’t know what comes after the login screen. 10/10 and recommended“).

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It seems like a big problem is the servers in general. Players complain about long lines lasting several hours, exacerbated by disconnections and poor design choices (everyone who tries to change characters seems to be kicked out of the game and has to log in again).

The few positive reviews praise the solid foundation on which Wayfinder is supposed to stand. Above all, the appearance of the world, movement through the world, and basic combat are praised. However, there seems to be a lack of diverse, fun content, and exciting possibilities for character advancement. So wait with the purchase until at least the server situation calms down. Or better: wait for the final Free2Play release and then play it.