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The new version of System Shock is coming to consoles in May – SHOCK2

The new version of System Shock is coming to consoles in May – SHOCK2

New edition of System shock It will be released in May for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Developer Nightdive Studios has confirmed that the game will be released on May 21.

System shock It was originally developed by Looking Glass Studios in 1994. Directed by Doug Church and produced by Warren Spector, it was a very influential title that inspired games like BioShock Inspired, both are considered spiritual successors.

the System shock– The Remake combines the iconic gameplay of the popular original game with all-new HD graphics, updated controls, a redesigned interface, and all-new sounds and music. From never-before-seen enemies and quality of life improvements to a revamped hacking system and new combat options with a brutal dismemberment system, System Shock Remake welcomes players new and old to the Citadel Station and into the arms of the awesome villain SHODAN.

Players use a mix of stealth, stealth, and futuristic weaponry to make their way through all-new areas of Castle Station. On their way to save the Earth from destruction, they encounter traps, puzzles and secrets.

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