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The number of users has been declining for months

The number of users has been declining for months

DrUS company OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) software called ChatGPT recorded a decline in access for the third straight month in August. Analytics company Slikeweb announced that global visits to ChatGPT fell 3.2 percent to 1.43 billion in August.

This comes after declines of about ten percent in the past two months. The time users spent on the chatbot’s website also fell from an average of 8.7 minutes in March to seven minutes in August. However, the number of global visitors rose slightly in August to 180.5 million users.

According to experts, the summer vacation may be related to the weak number of users. ChatGPT traffic in the US increased slightly in August coinciding with the start of school there. “Students looking for help with their homework seems to be part of the explanation,” said David F. Carr of SimilarWeb. “The proportion of younger users on the site declined over the summer and is now starting to rise again.” This means use could rise again in September when school starts again in more countries.

In May, OpenAI also released a version of its chatbot for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. This may also reduce the accessibility of the Microsoft partner’s website. ChatGPT was launched in November. Two months later, the number of monthly active users reached 100 million.

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