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The ÖTV Senior Indoor Championships 2024 was once again a complete success

The ÖTV Senior Indoor Championships 2024 was once again a complete success

This year too, the Colony Club in Vienna is seeing a strong field in terms of both quantity and quality.

As in the last two years, the 2024 ÖTV Senior Indoor Championships supported by, ÖTV and WTV was once again held at the Colony Club. From 3 to 7 February, all women and men aged 35 to 55 competed in the 14th district of Vienna, and all mixed and ITN competitions were also held. From February 5 to 9, it is planned for women from 60 to 75 years old and men from 60 to 85 years old. Even if not all competitions ultimately took place, we were very satisfied with the results in the beautiful facility in Vienna-Hütteldorf.

In addition to the high-level tennis and once again smooth running, the event – ​​with organizer Johannes Graske (Vice President of WTV), tournament director Stefan Hearn and chief referee Gerhard Seidelmann – not only maintained but surpassed the level of last year's impressive number of participants. After 210 entries in singles in 2023, this year it reached 214, and in doubles, after 51 pairs in 2023, 50 pairs made the entry lists this time. In this highlight of the senior indoor tennis season, women were as strongly represented as last year with 26 players in singles and 22 players in doubles.

Shweda: “Great atmosphere and great performances”

Top players such as former Daviscupper Bernhard Pils and former professional Norbert Höfling can be admired on the Colony Club's clay courts. According to his own statements, the latter won his first Austrian championship title in 40 years in his first appearance in the ÖTV Senior Championship. Clemens Weinhandel (men's 50), Heinrich Griesmayer (men's 75), Helmut Lizzo (men's 80) and Waltraud Gosler (women's 50) successfully defended their singles titles. WTV president Christian Parkmann, ÖTV vice president Georg Blomauer, business manager Thomas Schweda, frontman Eddie Glasner and many others were convinced of the high level of play on the site.

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After a successful weekend in the Davis Cup with the ÖTV team in Ireland, Shweda came to the players' party on Wednesday and (like Blumauer) to the final awards ceremonies on Friday – then reported “a great atmosphere and the best performances. She was able to have many conversations With former top players such as Bernhard Pils, Thomas Spirneder, Norbert Höffling and also WTV president Christian Parkmann. Congratulations to all involved, to the great host and presenter Johannes Graske, to tournament director Stefan Hearn and to the many assistants in the background.

Austrian Senior Indoor Champions 2024
Women's Singles 35: Kirsten Bickel (STTV)
Women's Singles 45: Michaela Weissenbock (WTV)
Women's Singles 50: Waltraud Gosler (STTV)
Women's Singles 55: Jutta Schener (BTV)
Women's Singles 60: Heidron Martins (KTV)
Men's Singles 35: Peter Griezmann (TTV)
ITN 6.0 35-year-old men: Horst Kroes (OÖTV)
Men's 40 singles: Filip Majdek (KTV)
Men's Singles 45: Helmut Fellner (NÖTV)
Men's 50 singles: Clemens Weinhandel (BTV)
Men's Singles 55: Norbert Höffling (WTV)
Men's 55 of ITN 7.0: Martin Pakarinen (WTV)
Men's 60's singles: Manfred Hundstorfer (NÖTV)
Men's 65 singles: Herbert Riederer (NÖTV)
Men's 65 of ITN 7.0: Stefan Lauda (STV)
Men's 70's singles: Fritz Schrader (OÖTV)
Men's 75 singles: Heinrich Griesmayr (WTV)
Men's 80 singles: Helmut Lizzo (TTV)
Women's 45 doubles: Christine Mansberger (BTV) / Claudia Böttel (BTV)
Women's 55 doubles: Michaela Bayerulf (NÖTV) and Gerda Kramer (NÖTV)
Women's 60 doubles: Elfriede Löscher (KTV) and Kristin Krasnitzer Leggat (KTV)
Men's 40 Doubles: Michael Zech (VTV) / Willy Schneller (VTV)
Men's 50 Doubles: Stefano Cotugno (WTV) / Martin Rauschel (WTV)
Men's 55 Doubles: Stefan Franke (WTV) / Erik Ondras (WTV)
Men's 60's Doubles: Manfred Hundstorfer (NÖTV) / Martin Roche (NÖTV)
Men's 65 doubles: Josef Haider (OÖTV) / Alois Bosch (NÖTV)
Mixed doubles: Erik Ondras (WTV) and Daniela Moser Hinterkörner (WTV)

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Photo gallery follows.