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Binding – entanglement – knot

Binding – entanglement – knot

What would event technology be without ropes, whether made of plastic, hemp, steel or other materials?

in In the rope making course “Tie – Fasten – Knot” participants are not only introduced to different knotting techniques, knots, connections and rope types, but are also practiced in the workshop. The curriculum also includes a lot about materials and fiber science.

What standards are used and what testing procedures are used to test subjects that complement theoretical knowledge.

The course also explains and practically exercises how to attach eyelets and loops to the rope or so-called splicing, which is the permanent intertwining of two natural fiber ropes. The theory and practice of compressing and tying steel cables are discussed.

Finally, participants' practical exercises are checked for quality and durability by a recognized institute. After passing the final exam, a certificate will be issued by the OETHG Academy.

theory: Structure of natural fiber and steel ropes, manufacturing methods, dimensions, rope deflections, rope connections, standards and guidelines.
clinic: Compressing and tying steel ropes and tying and knotting natural fiber ropes. Final exam with certificate.

All information about requirements and registration can be found here:änge/

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