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The palace is being converted for research.

The palace is being converted for research.


The Springer-Rothschild Palace in Vienna-Landstrasse is currently being adapted to accommodate the Complexity Science Hub research institute. The association is investigating how to gain useful knowledge from large amounts of data.

The palace was recently used by the University of Music and Performing Arts, which had a branch in the building. The spatial modifications have now been reversed. “This means that we are bringing the original wall surfaces back into the light, which means that we are rediscovering many of the paints and furnishings from the era of the building that had already been covered up several times in other parts of the room,” explains Clemens Nowak, project manager. Project manager for the Federal Real Estate Company (BIG).

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Arbor on fire wall

The building was built between 1891 and 1893. The interior includes a main room made of Cuban mahogany, a library with 17th-century stained glass and a winter garden with an almost unique view, says Wolfgang Salcher, State Secretary of the Vienna Federal Monuments Office: “This is a fire wall decoration. The French are jealous of us because in Paris there are also such arbours on fire walls, but it is very rare to find such a huge arbour even in Paris.”

In the future, the building will be used for research by the Complexity Science Hub. Novak said the main focus is on meeting spaces for exchange: “We were able to open up the rooms while keeping the architectural elements, so we can bring scientists together.”

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The trellis on the fire wall is something special.

The old site is now too small.

The Complex Science Center is moving from its offices in the Strozzi Palace in Josefstadt. The space there is now too small for more than 70 researchers. “Still, I think there is a different atmosphere in these old walls than if you went to a new building. That makes it a good environment for working on the future in historic buildings.” The move is scheduled to take place before the winter.