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Monday: German satellite network, WhatsApp with AI-powered photo functions

Monday: German satellite network, WhatsApp with AI-powered photo functions

The German military is paying Airbus €2.1 billion to continue developing its military communications system, which should be autonomous and combat-ready. With its own satellite network, the military wants to avoid relying on commercial providers like SpaceX with Starlink. Meanwhile, a beta version of WhatsApp with Meta AI allows users to ask questions about photos and have them altered by AI if they wish. The messaging app could thus become a tour guide chatbot that provides users with basic information about the sights photographed. Star Trek fans and scientists are thinking beyond the earthly boundaries, but can we detect spaceships traveling faster than the speed of light? Researchers simulated the collapse of a warp drive and found distinct patterns of gravitational waves. In the interview, we also discuss whether the people involved in the study were all Trekkies – the most important reports at a glance.


the Armed forces he have Airbus Defence and Space a big deal For extension 2.1 billion euros Granted so that the defense and aerospace company can Armed Forces Satellite Communications (SATCOMBw) can move to the next level. Therefore, the German military must continue not to rely on availability. Commercial satellite networks like SpaceX's Starlink According to Airbus, the order includes the development, integration, testing and delivery of two new communications satellites in orbit: The German military is expanding its satellite network and has rejected Starlink.

WhatsApp Testing now New jobs for artificial intelligence Within the messaging app. The current beta version of WhatsApp allows users to AI Image Scanning And change it if you wish. With this you can, for example Objects identified in images Or unwanted objects can be removed from photos. Operator Meta platforms It has its own channel called “Meta Artificial Intelligence” for whom Send photos with questions or requirements. Meta AI receives images and responds according to commands sent within WhatsApp: Users will soon be able to scan and change images with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Faster than light travel Across space – this is a dream not only… Star Trek fans Fascinated for decades. What a pure Sci-fi It's been a 30 year case. Scientific investigationsBecause in 1994, physicist Miguel Alcubierre discovered one. Theoretical solution of Einstein's field equations (Alcubierre metric) which contains “warp drive“He explains. But even if humanity is still far from building such engines, it is possible that there are more advanced alien civilizations that have already achieved this. A team of scientists has investigated the question of whether we will be able to To detect traces of such a warp drive. When Science Fiction Becomes Science: A Study Examines the Effects of Warp Drives

coming soon Electronic patient record (ePA) automatically for anyone who does not object. Data from the Environmental Protection Agency It is an important prerequisite for Federal Ministry of Health Research ProjectAt least 300 of them are scheduled to be implemented by 2026. But critics fear that… Medical confidentiality It suffers when the data from the Environmental Protection Agency (ePA) flows into the Health Research Data Center. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach explains that the ePA was specifically designed so that all diagnoses confirming HIV infection, for example, can be hidden. This is our topic Interviews with the German aid agency In the electronic patient record: Poor technology fuels discrimination,

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that Current artificial intelligence Technical Articles He writes and University exams present, indispensable Consequences of Study and Teaching Residence. It is gradually becoming clear how technological progress collides with real social reality. How is it changing? Performance dynamics among studentsIs dialogue with machines desirable? What tasks remain for people? What should they learn? Seven Theses with examples of technical topics Let's move on to the missing link: GPT studies.

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