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"The Passion" from RTL with the winners of "DSDS" and "Jungle Camp" «

“The Passion” from RTL with the winners of “DSDS” and “Jungle Camp” «

On Wednesday, RTL will feature a passion story with famous actors and Thomas Gottschalk as the narrator. It should be respectable, contemporary and appropriate for the masses.

12:03 PM, April 12, 2022


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Casting with Thomas Gottschalk (center), who is the narrator. © RTL

From the casting show to the story of suffering: Alexander Klaus He won in 2003 the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, tomorrow the singer and musical actor will be walking around Essen city center as Jesus. Other well-known faces that RTL has been able to secure for her music passion story are Mark Keeler (as Judas), Henning Baum (as Pontius Pilate) or Ella finally (Like Maria). Show veteran Thomas Gottschalk is the narrator.

Film history knows many films based on the Passion of Christ, such as Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” (2004). Cologne-based private radio station Tomorrow takes a completely different approach, organizing and broadcasting Passion as a “live music event”. Specifically, not only should the Bible story be re-enacted, but it should also be sung with the help of German pop songs, according to RTL.

Klaus: Jesus doesn’t have long hair

In doing so, Klaws describes the production as “liberating oneself a little from religion.” He asserts that he will not be Jesus “the one with the long hair, the long beard, and the white beard”. The 38-year-old names solidarity and philanthropy as the values ​​that this passion story, which is suitable for audiences, aims to convey. Support for the RTL project comes from the clergy, so the Essen churches are accompanying the event with an extensive accompanying program.

The effort that has become visible in the past few days in front of the cathedral in Essen is enormous: 350 employees ensure that Easter can be produced. According to RTL, 75 tons of technology were transferred, 65 kilometers of cables were laid and 15 cameras were installed. About 5,000 spectators are expected to be live on site.

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Special announcer has held Gil Ofrim who plays the role of a messenger. The singer was in the spotlight last year for publicly accusing a hotel staffer of anti-Semitism. Meanwhile, Ofrim should be charged with defamation in the case, the Leipzig Prosecutor’s Office filed the charges a few days ago. RTL left the 39-year-old on the show pointing to a presumption of innocence. Among the other messengers are the striking stars Stephen Murs And Sila Shaheen, Actress from “Good Times, Bad Times”.