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The Pekingese “Wild Thang” has been called “the ugliest dog in the world.”

The Pekingese “Wild Thang” has been called “the ugliest dog in the world.”

The little dog has previously placed second three times and is, according to the owner, “healthy and happy.”

Gray, brown and white hair protrudes greatly and a crooked tongue: a Pekingese It's called “Wild Thang” and it's for “The ugliest dog in the world” He was chosen.

Winner of the title “The Ugliest Dog in the World”

The eight-year-old animal won the competition on Friday evening (local time) in Petaluma, California “The ugliest dog in the world” In his fifth participation, the dog had previously ranked second three times.

Dog owner Anne Lewis, who recently moved from Los Angeles to Oregon, received an award for her dog's victory Cash prize Worth $5,000 (about 4,600 euros). According to her, Wild Thang became terminally ill when he was a puppy, and the physical deformities remained, but the dog was “healthy and happy.”

Show the beautiful sides of animals

Last year, a Chinese dog with a mane called “Scooter” won the competition, which has been held annually for more than half a century. Organizers say they do not want to make fun of “ugly” dogs, but rather want to highlight their lovable and beautiful sides. Many participants come from animal shelters. The campaign calls for receiving abandoned animals.

The contest attracts a lot of attention in the United States each year, and the winning dogs and their owners are then invited to appear on nationally broadcast television shows.

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