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The physical version of Block Racer does not appear on all platforms

The physical version of Block Racer does not appear on all platforms

It wasn’t until the end of March Lego 2k engine Officially unveiled, the racing game with Danish mounting blocks is already at home right towards release.

Accordingly, the Lego 2K Drive can be pre-ordered from many retailers, because the racer from developer Visual Concepts also gets one. Physical retail copy. But those who relied on racing across the open world of blocks on the Nintendo Switch with sweltering red tires run into a snag: the hand-held hybrid vehicle only gets a lousy handicap. Download icon I donated.

Lego 2K Drive: Nintendo Switch version appears as an icon in the box only

Like colleagues from Nintendo everything The Lego 2K Drive’s international packaging was first reported with the bold notice that despite the physical packaging, the game is only included as a download code – a Nintendo Switch Cartridge Obviously, the game will not be there.

Unfortunately, this also applies to the version that appears in this country: Auf Amazon You can actually find both the regular version of the Lego 2K Drive and the Awesome Edition, as the German note is placed on it Software card is not included he. This makes the Nintendo Switch version of the game an exception.

Because both Xbox Series X | S, as well as PlayStation 4 and 5, will be equipped with a physical copy, each of which contains the appropriate disc. It may be the reason for the decision High production costs With Nintendo Switch cartridges compared to Blu Ray discs.

This isn’t the first time a Nintendo Switch title has received collector-intrigued plastic packaging, but the game itself only comes as a shoddy download code: already in Rayman legends or Just Dance 2023 real estate Blank commercial versions in the electronics store. Of course, this does not detract from the gameplay of Lego 2K Drive, but we were still afraid Microtransactions and the Season Pass can slow down the fun of the game.

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