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watchOS 10: Apple is planning a major update for the Apple Watch

watchOS 10: Apple is planning a major update for the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is scheduled to receive a major update this year. It may even be the largest since the introduction of the smartwatch.

watchOS 10 is said to include several new features and design changes. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • While iOS 17 may only bring some new functionality to the iPhone, watchOS 10 is expected to bring big changes.
  • The update may be the biggest since the introduction of the smartwatch.
  • Among other things, the user interface should receive an overhaul.

Apple is expected to present the following major OS updates at its WWDC developer conference in early June. A lot has already been leaked about iOS 17’s innovations — except for sideloading apps, additional functionality will likely be limited.

The Apple Watch looks different. high Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman Apple is planning a major update with many new functions and a revised interface. Since little will change on the hardware side of the Apple Watch 9, the manufacturer is clearly planning major software innovations.

There are hardly any details on Gorman’s part. However, the mention of a revision of the smartwatch interface makes one stand up, take a note, and be reminded of the iOS 7 update. Apple fundamentally revised the design of the operating system here in 2014. This could also be the case with watchOS 10.

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, not much has changed visually. The operating system is now eight years old. Therefore, a fresh coat of paint can please many Apple fans.

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