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The play-off is the last chance for the unseeded Austrians in the World Cup

The play-off is the last chance for the unseeded Austrians in the World Cup

As the collective winner of the Nations League the previous year’s fall, the ÖFB selection has a chance of securing one of the 13 starting places in Europe via the play-off game next March. However, there are strong opponents and away matches waiting there.

It was clear from Tuesday evening that Austria would initially have to compete at a distance. David Alaba & Co. is gone after 0:1 in Denmark Second place in the table last.

The ÖFB team in the World Cup qualifiers first

The top six runners-up from the ten qualifying groups are seeded into the play-off and allowed to play in the six semi-finals on their home soil. The land advantage in the last three matches for places still open in the World Cup will be pre-determined among the winners of the semi-finals.

(From left) Konrad Laimer (Australia) and Joachim Mahle (Den) during the World Cup qualifiers between Denmark and Austria on Tuesday 12 October 2021 in Copenhagen.

ÖFB team with no frustrating chances against the Danes

The Austria national football team had no chance against Denmark. ÖFB apparently lost 0:1 (0:0) in the World Cup qualifiers in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

The fact that Austria will be in the play-off, which will take place between March 24 and 29, has not been definitively confirmed, but there are few doubts. Four countries from the quintet Belgium, Italy, Spain, France and Wales must take first or second place in their qualifying groups.

Belgium and European champions Italy managed to do so before the finals in mid-November, and world champions France could hardly be beat. Spain will have to lose to Sweden in Greece and at home in November to move out of first and second places. Wales also still in their hands to overtake the Czech Republic in group with Belgium.

Austria can hope for a playoff ticket

Denmark and Germany have already bought tickets for the World Cup. Portugal and Serbia (both Group A), Italy, Switzerland (both C), Belgium (E), Russia and Croatia (both H) rank first in their group. All of these teams will either be part of the World Cup in November or have to be seeded in the play-off draw. According to the hard copy, Sweden and Spain (both B) will manage this as well.

Denmark, Austria

What / Robert Jaeger

Confused: Franco Voda (left) is considered the head of the Austrian Football Association team.

This is how Fouda’s first meeting with the new ÖFB president went

The hoped-for liberation strike did not work. Denmark once again showed its limits to the Austrian national football team. After ÖFB’s disappointing debut, the team boss reveals…

Based on their previous points, it can be guessed that the potential runners-up in Group D with the leaders France (Ukraine, Finland or Bosnia), Group E with Belgium (Czech Republic, Wales) and Group J with Germany (Romania, North Macedonia or Armenia) how they will occupy Austria is ranked in the ranks of the six unspecified teams.

That leaves Scotland, represented by a hard-won Group G with the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey, plus Poland, heading for first and second place behind England.

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