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Real Madrid-Toni Kroos on David Alaba: 'Unsympathetic'

Real Madrid-Toni Kroos on David Alaba: ‘Unsympathetic’

Former German Football Association star Toni Kroos plays for Real Madrid.

Photo: / Oscar J. Barroso

Last summer, David Alaba made a free transfer from FC Bayern to Real Madrid. After 13 years in Munich, he ventured abroad and was looking for a new challenge and signed the Spanish record champion for five years.

About the transfer, however, the public debate was about how much Alaba would earn in Madrid. Allegations of greed rose, at the latest, after the newspaper “Spiegel” published the Austrian salary. Accordingly, the defender earns €19.47 million annually in addition to a single payment of €17.7 million in hand cash.

Alaba on allegations of greed

In the podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” by brothers Toni and Felix Kroos, Alaba tries to explain how these claims came to be: “I think it is much more difficult today with social media, and then it is interpreted in many ways. So many factors come together that it looks like this in the end. But I have repeatedly explained my point and my rationale. Why is it so hard to say.”

Toni Kroos adds: “You could have taken the easy route, too. You earned yourself a niche there (in Munich), you would have had an absolutely fantastic contract, you rolled the red carpet – and after so many years of success you still say: I’m going to take on that challenge again. The feedback “Respect, he’s doing something new” is too little for me. And much more: “It follows the money.”

The trio also talk about the time after Alaba moved to Madrid. Alaba reveals that he has found a home now: “Step by step we live like family One, but also personally with the team. I feel good now, the first time was very nice.”

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Toni Kroos noticed that Alaba actually speaks Spanish well. The 2014 world champion wants to know: “When did you start learning Spanish? And don’t tell me now: two months ago…” Alaba confirms then: “Yes, yes, I started at the hotel.” “You don’t like doing that well now,” Cross replies with a laugh.

“The third week, I go to the steam bath and then (Tony Kroos) lies there with the dumbbells. I say: Anton, what has happened to you in the past seven years.”

David Alaba talks about how Toni Kroos has changed.

Toni Kroos and Alaba played together in Munich between 2010 and 2014, and have been reunited in Madrid since the summer. In this context, Alaba also explains what, in his view, has changed in Toni Kroos:

“In Munich I haven’t seen Tony in the weight room regularly, let’s just say: not at all. And during the first week I see Tony in the weight room every day. And Tony comes. In the second week he’s with an exercise ball, and suddenly he’s doing abs, stick exercises in the room Steam, I say: “Tony, what’s wrong with you?” In the third week, I went to the steam room, and then lay there with dumbbells, and I said, “Anton, what happened to you in the last seven years?” In the fourth week I went down and he was in the sauna on the bike “.

Finally, the three talk about the racism that 29-year-old David Alaba has had to contend with so far: “In my childhood and youth I was more affected than now.” He also adds: “It is very sad that things are going this way in United States of America It should happen to educate people. But it was also good that people became more attentive. You have watched a lot of campaigns and you can see that development is happening and there is still a long way to go. We can all make a contribution.”

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And Felix Kroes adds: “Mainly because it shouldn’t just be at the time of campaigning, but we have to live it in everyday life. I think it’s important that we take action against him with our reach and our voice.”