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The plus sign provides new functionality – and makes the step unnecessary

The plus sign provides new functionality – and makes the step unnecessary

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The new WhatsApp update simplifies the use of the messaging service. Photo lovers in particular will be happy about this.

Kassel – The instant messaging service WhatsApp has been around since 2009. However, the app has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. Not least because the app has been part of the Facebook Meta group, which also owns Instagram, since 2014. New updates to the messenger are constantly being released.

iOS 24.775 update recently became available for iOS users in the App Store. According to the changelog, it includes an improved video player and also provides the option to record instant video messages. but this is not all.

Press and hold the plus sign: WhatsApp's new function saves a lot of time

According to the blog WABetaInfo, Which regularly informs about new updates, there is another new function that is not included in the official changes list. “While this is not mentioned in the official App Store changelog, we can confirm that WhatsApp is launching a useful shortcut for quick access to the photo gallery,” the message read.

Users can access this shortcut by holding down the attach button in the chat bar. This is the big plus sign at the bottom left of the chat.

WhatsApp has announced a new feature, which is the effect of the plus sign (circle at the bottom left) in the chat. © Screenshot/ Sommer/dpa

The new functionality saves time because users save an extra step while navigating to their photo gallery. Previously, you had to choose between several attachment options before you could access the gallery.

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New WhatsApp feature: How to get the update

WhatsApp updates are usually downloaded automatically. Therefore, the new functionality should already be available on all iPhones. If you have turned off automatic updates on your mobile phone, you can also download the update manually from the AppStore.

As part of the Digital Markets Act passed by the European Union in March, WhatsApp recently announced that it will introduce new terms of use and privacy policies in Europe. It is no longer possible to use the application without obtaining approval for the new regulations. The amendment will take effect with further changes on April 11. (Law)