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Data is gone: Android error 14 prevents access to internal storage

Data is gone: Android error 14 prevents access to internal storage

The new Android 14 operating system seems to have a serious flaw: devices may no longer be able to access their internal memory and thus become paralyzed and data is lost. Apparently, users with multiple profiles on the device are affected; The first profile is usually locked while the second one works normally. Devices from Google’s Pixel series, both tablets and mobiles, are currently receiving the upgrade to Android 14; The new operating system has been available since October 4.


The bug first appeared in mid-October when the first devices, the Pixel 6, received the new operating system. As reported by The Verge. But Google has not yet responded to user reports in the Google Issue Tracker. Ars Technica says. Instead, Google continued to roll out the upgrade so that more and more devices were affected. He has it now Enter “Pixel 6 can’t access storage using multiple profiles after updating to Android 14” into the issue tracker Over 400 reviews from users having problems upgrading; More than 600 people have reported being affected there. However, the error has medium priority P2 – P0 will be the highest priority.

According to Ars Technica, devices from the Pixel series have been affected so far: Pixel 6, 6a, 7, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. Users compare their situation to a ransomware attack because their devices are largely unusable and they can no longer access the data stored on them.

The fact that devices are unable to access their memory leads to various problems: some users have reported that their devices are stuck in a boot loop, that is, they are constantly restarting, or they are stuck in the “Pixel is starting” screen. Others can access the device, but can’t take photos or screenshots, for example, because the cell phone thinks there’s no (or more) available storage space. The Settings app crashes, no files can be found in the file system, and all folders are displayed as empty even when connected to the computer. Some users have even reported that their devices automatically reset to factory settings.

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