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The President of the United Arab Emirates passes away

The President of the United Arab Emirates passes away

Feedback from Israel

The Israeli president, too Isaac Herzog Mourns the passing of the long-serving President of the United Arab Emirates. They are among the few Arab countries that have normalized their relations with Israel. Herzog said, in a statement issued on Friday, that “the brave leadership of Sheikh Khalifa contributed a lot to the progress of the United Arab Emirates and its people and the growing partnership between our two countries and is a great legacy for his successors.”

The Israeli foreign minister made a similar statement Yair Lapid. He was a courageous leader who looked to the future and worked for the future. It is a sad day for everyone who (…) believes in the way of peace.” The Prime Minister also Naftali Bennett He expressed his condolences.

In September 2020, Israel signed agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The United States brokered the Abraham Accords under then-President Donald Trump. Morocco and Sudan also announced that they would work to normalize their relations with Israel. Previously, only two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan, had diplomatic relations with Israel.

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