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The product is an open world for upcoming Digimon games • JPGAMES.DE

The product is an open world for upcoming Digimon games • JPGAMES.DE

Pokémon Legends: Arceus offers an open world and we now know it delivered the series well. for a new one DigimonThe game we’ve been waiting for so long. Digimon Survive has recently returned to the scene, but it’s a mixture of visual novel and tactical RPG.

What does it look like, is there a possibility of a Digimon game with an open world? Producer Kazumasa Habu answered this question in Digimon Con this weekend. Bandai Namco has one comprehensive text Posted for this event.

Happo initially estimates that “the open world requires many years of development experience and incurs significant development costs”. First you have to figure out what you want to offer people with your Digimon game. Then you have to find a way to develop this kind of game.

“Where we have to consider both the feasibility and the costs,” says Happo. “If the possibility of an open world arises, we will consider it.”

As part of Digimon Con, Bandai had a Namco over the weekend Digimon Survive introduced with new game scenes. In addition, it was clarified that another Digimon Story game is still in development Located.

Artwork: Digimon World: Next Order, Bandai Namco

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