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The Projekt CD has been 'tempted' by Epic's tech demo

The Projekt CD has been ‘tempted’ by Epic’s tech demo

Unreal Engine 5 is here. And there are some games already running with it, Like the new Tomb Raider. The New open world game “The Witcher 4” (working title) It was developed not only with CD Projekt’s internal RED engine, but also with UE5. And now there’s a video that suggests it CD Projekt Red was convinced of the “Witcher Tech Demo.”.

This is an important step for the developer from Poland, after all they developed the engine themselves. The Witcher 3 works, but also Cyberpunk 2077 with it – the latter with a significantly updated version. Perhaps the cost factor was the reason, after all, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most expensive video games ever released. Switching to Unreal Engine 5 is certainly a big and well-thought-out move, but Epic itself may have ensured that the decision came that way.

The Witcher 4: Epic and “Witcher demo” as icebreakers in the engine debate?

The official Unreal Engine Twitter account published an interview with Pavel ZodniC., chief technical officer of CDPR, on how Epic’s shift toward open worlds caught the attention of Witcher developers. Specific demo led to how the manager works Jason Salameh revealed in the video.

“Last year there was a demo that showed a medieval environment where at one time there was a billboard that looked strangely familiar from things we did in the past and even a sign that said ‘Monster Slayer Wanted,'” according to Salama. Are they trying to tell us, ‘Come on to the Unreal Engine, see how great your games can look out there’, is this entire demo made for that nefarious purpose? I don’t know, but it definitely caught my eye.”

In fact, you get Twitter video Above, you can also see some excerpts from this presentation. We see a medieval village with fire and smoke and a dark forest. These gifs can come straight from The Witcher 4.

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Whether or not the tech demo was intentional, CD Projekt Red develops the next The Witcher game with Unreal Engine 5. We look forward to seeing the evolution of the game over the next few years. We hope no one appears The idea of ​​creating a multiplayer game out of it.