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There is no security update for older operating systems

There is no security update for older operating systems

Last week Apple released a patch for macOS Money Released, but left older versions of the OS – bigsore And the Catalina – Unprotected. This comes from one Blog post by security company Intego Outside. This allows two serious security vulnerabilities CVE-2022-22675 (AppleAVD) and CVE-2022-22674 (Intel graphics chips) can be exploited further on the corresponding hardware.

The previous vulnerability is in the AppleAVD media decoder and affects Catalina Loud Joshua Long Security Analyst at Intego, no. The bug remains uncorrected for Big Sur. On the other hand, the second vulnerability appears to affect both versions. According to Long, this is the first time that Apple hasn’t released a patch to actively exploit vulnerabilities in Big Sur and Catalina since macOS Monterey was released.

iOS devices are at risk too

according to him 35 to 40 percent of the Macs currently in use are subject to one or both errors. The AppleAVD error is said to be the security researcher Mickey Jin Also according to the hardware, which increases iOS 14 And the iPad OS 14 Run, effect. An attacker can use it to run malicious code with kernel privileges.

The company has yet to answer why Apple left its older operating systems unpatched. Generally, support for Catalina should stop in November 2022, for Big Sur most likely in November 2023.

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