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“The real face of Bayern Munich”

“The real face of Bayern Munich”

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from: Alexander Keidel

Bayern Munich failed in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup in Freiburg. An injury-time penalty brought the decision – despite Pavard’s unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Munich – What a final on a great DFB Cup night! In the end, Bayern Munich had to concede defeat to the self-sacrificing Freiburgers and were again eliminated early. Eventually, a hand-to-hand penalty came to the decision, and Lukas Holler converted in the fifth minute of extra time to win 2-1 for the guests.

The semi-finalists in the German FA Cup 2022/23
Eintracht Frankfurt
SC Freiburg
VfB Stuttgart / 1. FC Nuremberg
Borussia Dortmund against Leipzig

Bayern Munich eliminated from the DFB Cup: Freiburg is back on its final track

SC Freiburg again reached the semi-finals, and last year the Brezgauer team reached the final. There you had to concede defeat to RB Leipzig. The defending champions will fight for the final semi-final ticket against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday night (8.45pm).

FC Stuttgart and 1. FC Nuremberg (Wednesday, 6 p.m. CET) determine a semi-finalist. In addition to Freiburg, Eintracht Frankfurt has already qualified for the semi-finals. SGE won 2-0 against Union Berlin on Tuesday.

Upamecano leads Bayern Munich against Freiburg after a controversial scene

Back at the Allianz Arena in Munich: Bayern actually controlled everything there, controlling the ball and opponents for long periods.

Dayot Uppicano headed home after 19 minutes to make it 1-0, but the Bayern star clearly tipped Freiburg’s Maximilian Egesten. The protests of the guests were loud, and the goal would not have been calculated. But it worked – but the deficit gave Freiburg more courage. Nicholas Hoeffler tied it just eight pointer laps later with a superb long-range shot.

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Freiburg won the first-leg away match against Bayern Munich for the first time

Despite Bayern’s superiority, no more goals were scored – until the 95th minute. Hoeffler fired again, and Jamal Musiala threw himself into the ball and played the ball clearly with his hands. VAR agreed and referee Harm Osmers immediately awarded a penalty kick.

Thus, the sports club had a unique opportunity to win its first match away from home in Bayern Munich. But who should shoot? Vincenzo Grifo, the regular penalty taker, had already been substituted. Michael Gregorych has recently forgiven the national team. So Lukas Holler was excited. And the ball thundered under the crossbar.

Pavard’s shameful action on Freiburg’s penalty

The Freiburg top scorer was unaffected by the opponents’ usual matches. First, the Bayern stars had a long discussion with referee Osmers, although the handball was clear and the decision was completely correct.

FCB defender Benjamin Pavard then performed an action that would have been shameful even for a neutral fan: he juggled the penalty kick with his buttons, damaging the turf in order to give Holler the best possible shot.

Bayern Munich defender Benjamin Pavard is not credited for his penalty (left).
Bayern Munich defender Benjamin Pavard is not credited for his penalty kick (left). © ARD screenshots

Fans with clear criticism of Benjamin Pavard: “The real face of Bayern”

Osmers noticed the unsportsmanlike action and was immediately drawn a yellow card. The Frenchman replied with a tired smile. But in the end, the people of Freiburg only laughed.

There has been criticism on social networks of Pavard’s actions. Football fans clearly reacted to the scene. We have compiled a selection of comments.

  • The true face of FC Bayern, when a penalty is taken four players try to stomp on the spot kick, with Kimmich and Pavard up front, Musiala then shows his personal immaturity. Fits Qatar Airways and club management, answering the question of personality
  • He deservedly deservedly, despite Bayern’s reward and lack of sportsmanship before Pavard’s penalty kick. It shows the real character of FCB. Absolute disgrace to this club with Kahn and Co.
  • Pavard needs to crush the penalty spot against the great Freiburg
  • I was going to show Pavard the red card. Unsportsmanlike how he freed the penalty there. Congratulations Freiburg!
  • Congratulations Friborg!!! And Pavard, your act was just embarrassing at the point…
  • Pavard’s unsportsmanlike behavior alone justifies his exclusion. It doesn’t have to be like that.

    Congratulations to SC Freiburg

Bayern Munich meets Freiburg again on Saturday

For Bayern Munich, the triple dream has exploded. In the Bundesliga, they are currently two points ahead of Borussia Dortmund, who beat them 4-2 in the weekend classics. The Munich team will continue on Saturday – and then in Freiburg of all places. The first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals will be played at Manchester City on Tuesday. The tasks of Thomas Tuchel, who was as upset by losing the trophy as Joshua Kimmich after the match in the mixed zone, did not diminish. (ACL)