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Andy Robertson attacked with his elbow?  Investigations against Assistant Assistant Constantine Hatzidakis

Andy Robertson attacked with his elbow? Investigations against Assistant Assistant Constantine Hatzidakis

On the way to the dressing room, riots suddenly broke out again at Anfield Road. A crowd of angry Reds players gathered around the referees, and team captain Jordan Henderson angrily cursed the referee’s team, led by Paul Tierney. Robertson himself reacted “angry, even dumbfounded,” the British reported “sky”-Reporter Jeff Shreves, who watched the incident from the sidelines.
TV pictures also showAt the end of the first half, the Scot confronted the assistant referee and put himself in front of Hatzidakis. Apparently, this was triggered by a duel between Robertson and Gabriel Jesus a few minutes earlier at the corner flag, with Hatzidakis reporting a foul to the defender’s dismay.

But Hatzidakis did not appear to engage in conversation with Robertson, instead bypassing the defender and pulling his elbow up – possibly hitting Robertson in the face. The Reds star was said to have complained in shock, as Shreves described: “The linesman hit me in the neck.”

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Robertson, who should have been restrained by his teammates, saw Tierney’s yellow card at the end of the fight. wounderful seen.

Jordan Henderson confronted the referee’s team about Paul Tierney

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Klopp avoids the statement

“It is not possible at all,” Sky expert Rene Adler said during the half-time break about the official’s behavior, and was sure: “This will be punished one hundred percent.”

Gary Neville was also puzzled after the game: “I’ve never seen an official raise an elbow in a player’s face. I think he’s going to get in a lot of trouble after the game.”

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp deliberately avoided commenting on “Sky” after the match in which his team beat the leaders 2-2 (1-2).

“So I can’t get in trouble here,” the 55-year-old said after the encounter that he had yet to watch the scene. “I heard that something happened, but I also heard that the pictures seemed to speak for themselves, so there’s nothing more to say from me,” said Klopp.

Check out Hatzidakis’ PGMOL

The refereeing body PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), which is responsible for referees in England, published a statement during the ongoing fracking and said it was investigating the process.

“BGMOL is aware of an incident between assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis and Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson in the first half of the Liverpool-Arsenal match at Anfield,” the committee said in response to a request from BGMOL. “athlete”We will look into it in detail after the match is over.

For Hatzidakis, the summit threatens unpleasant consequences.

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