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The "real Jacob" is finally on stage

The “real Jacob” is finally on stage

The Kirchberg Theater players did not have to rehearse a play for a long time. Because already in December 2019, the first rehearsals for the play “The Real Jacob” began. The premiere is planned for April 2020. Three years later, the world is different and the “real Jacob” is still waiting for his big debut. “We needed several attempts, but now we are happy that the project has reached the stage,” says Gerhard Weiblinger, head of the cultural community.

The piece was shown to the world for the first time in Berlin in the 1920s, so it’s almost 100 years old. And now the comedy has been brought back to Austria, both geographically and linguistically. The play’s protagonist, a city councilor in a small country town and president of an association intended to boost morale, can’t really do justice to his role in faraway Vienna. On a variety show he meets charming dancer Yvette. Why this later becomes involved with the provincial preacher and what the far-reaching consequences of this nocturnal adventure will be for all involved, are not disclosed here.

The deeper meaning of this comedy by Franz Arnold and Ernst Bach is the eternal conflict between appearance and reality, to which we are constantly exposed in life. The new interpretation of the piece was developed and staged under the direction of Heinrich Busch. The Kirchberg cultural community has received support from well-known director and actor Joachim Rathke. When it comes to acting, the combination of established powers and young talents has created the Kirchberg Theater Company.

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The Real Jacob deserves a very special screening day: this year the premiere will take place on New Year’s Eve at the Gasthaus Koblmüller. More dates, tickets and information will be available from December 5th on If you still need inspiration for Christmas: Theater tickets are always a great gift.