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Waldenstein - Lockdown Chaos: Three New Faces of the Theater Society on the Stage

Waldenstein – Lockdown Chaos: Three New Faces of the Theater Society on the Stage

Could there be a better title to return to the stage after a two-year hiatus? “Chaos through Lockdown” is the name of the play being staged this year by the Waldenstein Cabaret and Theater Society. Franz Sieckmann is directing again, and there are three new actors among the cast.

At the center of Beate Irmisch’s comedy in three acts is Millie Bailey, whose hairdresser must shut down for a while. In addition, there is homeschooling for the son and a home office for the husband. Her daughter and boyfriend are also settling into the house, as are Grandpa and Grandma, who are taking a “leave home” from the nursing home. They all live and work under one roof in an enclosed space, so things get busy.

The premiere will take place on December 26 at the Waldenstein Sports and Culture Center. Rehearsals have started, stage design and backdrops will be done soon. Zechmann celebrates an anniversary this theater season: He’s been directing for 40 years. Audience favorite Franz Korner – this time as grandfather Theodor Klotz – celebrates his 40th birthday. With around 25 rehearsals and 12 performance dates, a high level of commitment is also required, says the manager: “If that’s not possible sometimes with young people because of their rehearsal, then you have to understand that.” People debuted on WCTV this year: Maria Schindler as “Motti”, Dominique Kraua and Nico Molner as Matthias Bailey and Max Bechnaben form the next generation of theatre.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities.