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Graz Giants vs. Vienna Vikings

The return of the giants against the Vikings

The Vikings were already leading 17:0 in the second quarter and had been able to fend off the Titans’ attacks until that point. But then the hosts intensified the competition and an eventful match took place in the German League.

The giants won the coin toss and decided to go to the field first to defend. This kept the opposing offense well under control. field goal
Try Vikings through Kevin Wozniak It was good though 0: 3.

After the crime of the giants could not write, the Vikings took over the court again and ran Defontay Jordan with a fall after – 0:10. Vikings crime continues to dominate: Sam Bronner’s stir 0:17 The game seems to be going in one direction. Then the tide turned and the giants started catching up. run first Julian Cappelaere Almost all over the playing field for landing, put it down shortly after Rafael Comelli Bergandi With an equally amazing run in the end zone.
Since the PAT wasn’t that good, it was then 13:17 On the scoreboard – half the time.

Vikings extended bullets again

After the break, the attacking giants started the match well, but failed to score just before the end zone. Due to the difficult weather conditions, it was difficult for both teams to gain space in the third quarter. Defontay Jordan Another touchdown was made with a 70-yard run into the end zone and Vienna formed their lead 13:24 Outside.

The second return to the giants
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after a pass from Tyrone Williams on me John Schweitz Run this into the end zone 19:24 (The two-point conversion failed.) The Vikings sensed Grazer’s attack back on the field. John Schweitz He broke an interference and ran into the end zone – Giants called for the first time 25:24 in the lead. In order to deny the Vikings a chance to win via a field goal, the home team attempted to convert another two points. quarterback Tyrone Williams He went for it himself and the giants built the lead 27:24 Outside.

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In the command that followed, the Vikings’ attack tried to advance before time ran out – however, the Graz’s defense held up too tight and made it difficult for them to advance – replacing them with strength. The crime of giants started with one
Kumily Bergandi ran time off the clock and knelt in victory formation.

The Vikings (4-2) after the sixth round of the Austrian Football League It ranks fourth in the table. The Giants celebrate only their second NFL win in 2022 and are currently seventh in the table.

Voices after the match:

Doug AdkinsGiants coach: “We worked hard but the results were not what we imagined. It is great to win again. We have a great team and we showed that today. The potential is there, now we have to keep working with the young players.”

Ivan ZivkoVikings trainer: “Unfortunately, we made a lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball today, which is unusual for our team. This simply shouldn’t happen, especially after a good 17-0 start. Congratulations to the Giants! They showed that you can’t write off anyone in this league.”

Vikings DL Andrea Pasquale: “Congratulations to the Graz giants. They were a well-organised, well-equipped team today and took their chances. We weren’t able to make the most of some moments, including the final drive, as we couldn’t turn the game in our favour. Of course I’m not happy with the result, but I’m happy with the fighting spirit of many Young players in the team. It will be important to learn from the mistakes of today and reduce them in the future.”

Austrian Football League Week 8

Graz Giants (2-4) – Vienna Vikings (4-2) 27:24
Sunday 29 May 2022 2:00 PM Stadium Eggenberg Graz
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