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The search must be accelerated

The search must be accelerated

From Maximilian Hohm
The search function in Windows 10 and Windows 11 was often very slow. Microsoft has known about the issue since 2017 and the issue was finally addressed in the current build version 22557 in the developer channel. Read more about this below.

Since the release of Windows 10, the internal search function in Windows has a search window pinned directly to the taskbar. However, this is much slower compared to searching in File Explorer or searching with Microsoft’s PowerToys, and problems reported with Windows Search have been known to Microsoft since 2017.

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This should change with the new version 22557 of Windows 11, which is currently available in the developer channel. Windows search can still be found on the taskbar and there are no changes from a purely visual point of view. But searching is much faster compared to previous build versions. In addition, there are now suggestions for achievement, as has been known from popular search engines for years. The search should also provide more accurate app or file suggestions based on the search terms entered. To test the new search, Microsoft recommends that you search for apps or settings you use often, as they are given special priority.

The fastest search to date is limited to the developer channel, but it can be assumed that it will also be introduced in standard versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 as part of Patch Tuesday. Meanwhile, Microsoft is experimenting with the start menu. Folders should be applied here, which improves the overview of programs and files. To try it out, just drag an app to another and a folder will appear. This cannot be called yet, but it is assumed that it will also be possible soon.

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source: The latest version of Windows